Below you will find the work I have done for my clients. Please note that the projects displayed may not reflect changes made by the client after my work with them was completed, specifically for web design and copy. In some cases, I have chosen to display my personal favorite iteration of a design, though the client may have requested further revisions.



Scott Hensen builds custom metal and wood furniture in Lafayette, CO. His passion for working with his hands led him to launch Dust & Spark, a reference to the by-products of wood- and metalworking.

Logo Design

I worked with Scott to construct a logo that felt minimalist, modern, and made use of negative space without appearing too fragile. The outer border calls to mind the streamline, angular nature of metalwork and cut wood, while subtly curved and disconnected lettering invokes the fluidity of the creative process of building.

Dust and spark portfolio.png
Dust and Spark logo with tagline.png
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Out of the Dust

OOTD creates one-of-a-kind jewelry from scrap wood that would otherwise go to waste. After her husband Scott launched his custom furniture venture Dust & Spark (mentioned above), owner Megan Hensen began OOTD as a way to make use of the scrap wood leftover from his projects.

Logo Design

I created a simple, elegant logo with a pop of mint as a nod to the subtle additions of color Megan imparts to her jewelry. Two rings merge to form a “hidden” fish symbol, a representation of the Hensen’s Christian faith.

Out of the Dust Logo.png
OOTD Portfolio light.png

Dr. Amy D’Aprix

Dr. Amy D-Aprix provides caregivers with expert information and support to help them deal with the emotional and family issues that are a common part of caregiving. She is a speaker, coach, author, and expert on aging, retirement, and caregiving.

Website Design

I built Dr. Amy a fresh, revamped website via Wix after her original site began to feel dated and disorganized, and the previous platform no longer met her needs. I used the bright orange from her logo as an accent color and paired it with a pastel periwinkle to compliment the imagery and mute the harshness of the white space.

I reorganized and minimized the navigation and created two destinations for her split clientele (individuals and professional). I also transferred her products to the new platform’s e-commerce system and contributed various copy to the website.

Screen Shot 2019-05-05 at 1.00.24 PM.png
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Oklahoma Family Health

OFH is a medical resource guide published out of Oklahoma with two publications: one for the general population and one for seniors and their families. OFH also hosts events such as employee health expos, senior events, and networking events.

Layout Design

I create event flyers, covers and interior ad layouts for the OFH publications. Some advertisers provide collateral that I reorganize, while others prefer that I create their ads from scratch. The goal is to provide consistent, clean layouts that are easy to read.

OFH portfolio.png
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