About Alex Jane Designs

Thank you for visiting my website! My name is Alex Horst.

I started Alex Jane Designs conceptually in college as a freelance project to pursue my love for design. After graduating from Colorado State University, I balanced part-time jobs while maintaining AJD for a year, at which point I realized it was time to make the leap: Alex Jane Designs became my full-time occupation.

As my experience grew, I realized that my affinity for design was rooted in my underlying passion for organization and simplicity. My driving force was not solely to make things look pretty, but to create something polished and functional. I discovered that I was not just an artist, or just a problem-solver, but a combination of both. Working with online platforms has allowed me to fill my desire for technical and aesthetic challenges alike. I think of myself as a hybrid between an interior designer and professional organizer of the digital realm.

About Alex

If you'd like to work with me, perhaps I should tell you a few things about myself! I live in Fort Collins, CO with my husband and our cat Bean. When I'm not working on my businesses, I'm probably reorganizing our house or finding deals in thrift shops. Some of my hobbies include fitness, healthy cooking, and writing. You can find my other venture at cleancutedits.com